The advantage of having the fundraiser on the internet was that sales could be generated outside of the local community. They were not restricted to the people who were able.

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 attend the audience in person. Artists could exhibit more works. They weren't limited by the gallery walls.


 An online presence will increase your exposure

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 COVID instructed COVID that online platforms are able to extend beyond the local population. Artwork Archive hosted many art institutions.


 Create online exhibitions and share your collections with the world.

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 The instigations led to Public Profiles, which were stored on Artwork Archive’s Discovery website. They also sent Private Rooms out to VIP contacts.


 integrated their art, exhibits and artist profiles on their websites -- all sourced from their Artwork Archive account.

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 Solicit donations via your CMS


 Artwork Archive tracks, manages, and maintains artworks including contact information, location, and locations, exhibitions and repairs. We've recently observed "more" expand to