Artwork Archive's CRM: How can you manage relationships

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 Most likely, your institution is busy working with artists. It is important to maintain contact information and bios of artists.

 artist statement, works on loan, demographics, and more.

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 To help with internal communications and marketing It's best to have the contact information for the artist handy if you are organizing a call-in submission for temporary or traveling exhibitions.

 You can use press releases for your work. You will also be able create reminders for artist records so that you can stay on top of tasks related to artists. Know the moment an artist's schedule is slipping

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 Upon receipt of the consignment agreement, you are able to take or drop off their artwork.

 The artist's contact information is accessible in your Artwork Archive Public Profile and can be embedded onto your website. Marjorie Barrick's tale.

 Museum of Art features the artists they have in their collection. These artist pages are embedded on the Albin-Polasek Museum and the Sculpture Gardens.

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