You can set reminders from the CRM tool directly to a person's contact record. If the prospective donor mentions that they


 Are you looking to invite someone to an artist's lecture? You can instantly make a reminder and then keep in touch with them.

 Send a personal message


 This feature is very useful for annual collection maintenance. It reminds you to follow up with conservators or appraisers.


 Artwork Archive's CRM is used to manage your relationships

 Most likely, your institution is busy working with artists. Important information for artists to remember is bio, contact details, and bio.


 Artist statement, work on loans, demographics and many more.

 For internal communication and marketing, it's a good idea to have the contact information for the artist handy if you are coordinating a call-in entry for temporary or traveling exhibits.


 It is possible to use press releases for your work. It is also possible to keep track of artist-related tasks through reminders in the artist's record. Be aware of when an artist is dropping