light and joy. While the idea must be unique to the artist, it can be a part of work previously created. The artwork must be original.


 Waterproof and weatherproof Redmond Lights 2011 will be held over a period of four weeks. Installations must remain in place during this time.

 entire month of December into the first week of January. The awards will be awarded up to $3000

 DEADLINE: October 4, 2020

 DATE 1-12:20-21 December 1-January 6, 20,22

 FEE Absolutely No Cost


 WHO Regional, Installation 2D or 3D work Multimedia.

 2022 Embracing Our Differences International Art Exhibit Celebrating Diversity

 The centerpiece of Embracing Our Differences - an outdoor juried exhibit featuring 50 billboard-sized images from international and local artists


 Artists and writers. The display represents artists' interpretations about the theme "enriching life through the diversity of our culture". The exhibition is exhibited every year at

 Bayfront Park, downtown Sarasota. The winning artworks show an understanding of the medium and the message.