A CRM allows you and your organization to better understand and enhance relationships with donors. It consolidates all critical data into one place.

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 place. Your data should be meaningful and used to support the mission of your organization.

 Artwork Archive's system is based on the technology of relational. Contacts are connected to documents, such as appraisals and invoices. Donations can also be included.

 It lets you keep track of all the gifts you've given to one person, as well as all prior correspondence.

 Anything that you communicate with your contacts, from different Reports to Private rooms, will be recorded in the contact record of each individual.

 You can share your information with all of your contacts at the same time.

 NOTICE: You can also share the report with a Contact Group. After sharing the report with the group and an Share Record for each personal computer will be made.

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 Contact record. This is a fantastic way to communicate effortlessly with specific groups of contacts, like top donors, lending institutions, or local residents.