If you'd want to invite an artist to a lecture You can design an instant reminder to remind you to contact them at the right time and invite them to the lecture.

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 You can also send a personal message.

 This feature is beneficial for maintaining collections on a regular basis and reminders to follow up with conservators, appraisers, or insurance agents.


 Artwork Archive's CRM to manage relationships

 Your arts institution is likely to be working with artists. Contact information for artists, bio, and other important details.

 Artist statement, work on loan, demographics and much more.

 If you coordinate a call to entry, temporary or traveling exhibition, the artist's details can be useful for your internal communications and marketing

 Press releases are a great illustration of this. You'll also be in control of artist-related tasks by creating reminders on the artist record. Know when the artist will be dropping

 to collect their work or at the time their consignment contracts to pick up their artwork or when their consignment agreements are due.

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 These contact records of artists are accessible through your Artwork Archive Public Profile. You can embed them onto your website. Marjorie Barrick's tale.