Artwork Archive CRM lets you create a contact file for potential donors. The contact record can include details about the donor's general information, and social media. gardenallabout garden all about Website garden all about com homedeepspace home deep space Website home deep space com great-wallpaper great wallpaper 

 Links to media, notes on how you met the person, and other distinctive features such as other charities they support, or artists whose work they admire

 They might be interested.

 You can add the new donor to a contact team such as a "VIP Preview XX" group to be notified of the retrospective exhibit in which they are interested in. If they do not want to be added to the group of contacts, you should let them know. they know.

 Once the show has been in place, you can sort your contacts according to this group and send them an exclusive invitation to a private VIP walk-through of the show--all with

 Pressing a button.

 The CRM will record this action in the contact's record and you are able to refer back and confirm what information was provided to them, and at what time.

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 With the CRM tool, you can also set reminders about a specific person right from their contact records. If the potential donor mentions that they