Develop stronger relations with donors

 It might be difficult to keep track of if your donor list is increasing. animalforlife animal for life Website animal for life co uk happylifeanimal happy life animal Website happy life animal com

 You can simplify relationship management. To ensure that you keep track of every interaction, create a contact profile.

 See the gifts your donors have given in the past and when. Did you not share the donor prospectus? It is possible to determine when was the last time you published the report.

 Your guests can access documents or a private room. Keep track of the last communication. Note important dates like anniversary or renewal dates.


 Cultivate supporters into future donors

 Are you keeping track of supporters who haven't yet donated? These relationships are also important to manage. Collect contact details from the event's

 Attendees, regardless of whether they are physically present or virtual. These contacts can be uploaded to Artwork Archive for you to classify them into affinity groups.

 For managing your volunteers, use the contact feature. Keep track of the details of their contact and keep track of their availability and interest and then plan them for the future.

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