For those workers who also survived the 2008 financial crisis and subsequent recession, today's labor market is akin to deja vu, but coupled with a public fashiondo fashion do Website fashion do co uk energyfashion energy fashion Website energy fashion us world-dating-partners world dating partners

 It's a health issue that makes the whole situation more hazardous and exhausting, as well as scary and frightening. While history is not likely to repeat itself,

 It does, however, provide hints as to what might come in the future.

 The Great Recession saw the United States the art industry witness a trend in labor that dates all the way back to Great Depression, and subsequent New

 Deal -- The rise of unions. The trend is growing in popularity in the art sector.

 A recent article in Bloomberg Law reported that unionization campaigns among museum workers in the States have dramatically spiked in the past three years:

 Workers at Brooklyn Museum of Art decided to join the union in the month of June. However there was an increase in participation even before the pandemic.

 Unionizing in US museums of art. This was not insignificantly due to the infamously low and stagnant salaries of the nonprofit art sector -- a disturbing list of

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 These wages were also accessible to the general public through this google salary sharing spreadsheet. A former employee of the New Museum was also interviewed.