Month is "a national celebration that is held each September to promote and support the development of new treatment strategies based on evidence and recovery techniques" for those who are suffering. guideautomotive guide automotive Website guide automotive us goautomotive go automotive Website go automotive us autotransportdealers 

 Substance abuse and addiction are among the most prevalent disorders.

 There are many options to heal, such as individual therapy or more programs that are based on community. Recovery Month is intended to recognize this spirit.

 "the development of a robust and united recovery community, and the commitment of service providers and community members from across the country that contribute to


 Recovering in all forms is feasible


 Ana Finel Honigman is one of the service providers. She is an LGPC (Licensed Graduate Pro Counselor) Therapist at Aquila Recovery in Washington

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 D.C. was a student at Johns Hopkins University after completing an PhD in Art History at Oxford University.