You'll need to provide photos of the damage to any restorer you choose to employ (many will require this documents prior to supplying an estimate), as well as dailytravelstudy daily travel study Website daily travel study com travelly travel ly Website travel ly us 

 contact your insurance company if you intend to make a claim.

 Andrei stated that "most people want estimates before bringing paintings into." I want photos of the artwork, and also its dimensions.

 For me, billing is by the job. However, the fee is based on past experiences. It is based on the quantity of work needed and the level of difficulty.

 "I also need details about who is the owner of the painting. Sometimes contractors will bring the painting they damaged to an apartment.

 They might not wish to inform the owner. This is an ethical and legal matter as well as one of ethics.

 "I also need general information about the artworks and the materials used. Are they able to tell if it's oil paint or acrylic? I'd like to know who the

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 Artist was/is as well as, if it is available, the year/date the artwork was made.