There have been reports of personal security guards taking photos of artwork with expensive objects, and guests snapping pictures of artwork then posting them to social media sites. This is not uncommon. increasehealth increase health Website increase health co uk resulthealth result health Website result health co uk 

 Leakage of your privacy could be extremely detrimental. Encourage guests to keep their smartphones in the coatroom.

 Can you also imagine what would be the consequences if something was torn or damaged at your party? You don't want a piece of work to be damaged due to a glass of wine, regardless if you're insured.

 red wine or a person who is unable to drink alcohol.

 Lack of adequate insurance

 "Not having insurance is among the greatest risks for collectors and their collections" says Shanna Hennig Southwest Director at Winston Art Group. She

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 "Accidents and natural catastrophes happen," he continues. Financial problems are only worsened by insufficient or inadequate insurance.