New World succeeded in early October, and the number of players reached its peak. Many players bought New World Gold to improve themselves. But the number of players has been steadily declining recently. According to data from Steamcharts, in less than two months, the number of concurrent players in New World has dropped to 10% of its peak. The first major game patch, including the new Void Gauntlet weapon, did not bring New World back to its peak.

The crisis response team of Amazon Game Studios will release patches every week, start the test server, and thoroughly communicate and explain the problems they face. When the server transfer was added, the trouble began. This introduces a repetitive error, allowing players to get a large amount of New World Gold and resources quickly, and even the best equipment in the game. The problem was quickly resolved with a patch, but then the update introduced more bugs.

For several weeks, each update will cause more problems than fixed, so Amazon Game Studio has taken emergency measures. Then disable it again when another vulnerability is exposed. After players started receiving huge random amounts of New World Gold, the EU server just rolled back, so this is far from over. Although most games face post-launch errors and balance barriers, New World may be more affected by these issues than any of its competitors because of the way it handles endgame content. Like any MMO, it places great emphasis on gathering resources, improving skills, and maximizing the use of the player’s toolkit.

New World’s faction and territory control system can be an excellent endgame because players can prepare, develop strategies and fight for every legal advantage they can claim on their servers, but these systems now only exacerbate mistakes and vulnerability exploitation. Players still hope that New World can quickly return to normal and no longer have a steady stream of problems. Many players also said that they will continue to support New World. This also means that they buy New World Coins for a better experience of the game.