Let’s face it, Rocket League is a ludicrous idea. Cars, using RL Items around an area, on the off chance they hit a ball at the right attitude to bounce it between a pair of purpose posts? It’s ridiculous, nearly as daft as inflating a pig’s bladder and booting it around a subject.

But it took off in a big manner, so much so that 5 years after its launch it’s nevertheless getting updates and new content. The subsequent update, landing this Feb 1st is, but, a particularly substantial one.

“Based on latest player remarks, we’ve become conscious that the effects and lighting in Neon Fields can negatively impact the sport experience for some gamers”, examine the replace notes. The notes is going directly to provide an explanation for that a new placing, “Effect Intensity”, has been introduced which pertains to the Neon Fields arena specially.

Setting the intensity placing to low will get rid of flashing lighting fixtures, pulsing outcomes and dial down different results for folks who is probably at risk of those results, human beings with photosensitive epilepsy as an example. Cyberpunk 2077 had a similar issue and changed into patched to adjust the outcomes in query.

The update can even introduce new eSports associated gadgets, such as Fennec Decals, and ought to vehicle-down load for each lolga.com person who is going on line from Feb 1st.