It isn't just the fresh air that might revive you, though-leaving the house is also a good excuse to get dressed beyond pajamas and to put on gasp! real shoes, even when you don't have a destination in mind. They each strike a perfect balance between semi-practical and making my outfits a little more fun.

I'd never worked with Craig before, but we had such a blast on set, and Alex is just fantastic. The day went so well that Hudson even snagged a souvenir. That shoe would go on to inspire the Belle Vivier, which is a mainstay in each collection; and for spring, Felloni delivers a Belle Vivier in slingback-form. It comes in a variety of styles with color making a variety of appearances-one style has a teal heel; another has a coral strap.

Over the past year, Jenner has repeatedly worn sleek shoulder bags, always discreetly tucked under her arm. She clearly loves a bag that isn't too big-no hobo bag for her!-and she took that spirit to new levels today, carrying an itty-bitty top-handle style by Longchamp she is a face of the French brand.

In two of the model's outfits, small black purses are notably featured-a Coperni shoulder bag and a Prada nylon reedition handbag. I think accessories can elevate any outfit, Akech says, sporting a black Coperni bag with a pair of high-waist Zara jeans and a purple cropped knit top.

And yet, despite these decidedly unglamorous associations, the messenger bag feels like a tabula rasa for the return to the office. I just FaceTimed her, and I was like, 'Bitch, what!' It was a simple, last-minute decision, and yet the choice to present the shield front-and-center, and on a platform as watched as the Met Gala, made for a radical statement of sisterhood.

I ask what energy they're trying to bring in their life, and I really meditate with it, she says. And honestly, their rings come to me in dreams, too. Take the case of Dior's 1995 Chouchou, for example. He has the creme de la creme of Balenciaga Motorcycle bags-a tropical turquoise version-and wore his with Canada Goose Jackets a black T-shirt, pinstriped button-down, jeans, and sneakers.

Lately she's been casually wearing the most rare runway items, whether it's a Tom Ford-era Gucci jean or an archival Chanel tweed coat. The prim purse was presented to Princess Diana at a Cezanne exhibition at the Grand Palais, and she wore it on subsequent visits to Birmingham, England, and Argentina.

Still not convinced the puffer is for you Feminine-forward brands like Khaite have even adopted the trend this fall winter 2021, offering luxe puffers in bright red and leather. Meanwhile, even the Riviera-ready brand Jacquemus experimented with the wintery style.