I fell in love with couture at a really young age because of John, Mai says. And it was always my dream to come back and be an American designer. Mai's debt to Galliano and his years at Margiela is clear in the bias draping of both a silver lurex panne velvet halter dress and a black flocked dot tulle and lace shawl collar godet gown.

I am absolutely obsessed with everything and anything from Hereu Studio. Their cutout and slingback loafers are the ultimate summer shoe-they somehow master both a relaxed I'm on vacation in the Mediterranean look while also being polished for the office. I already wear my pair almost Golden Goose every day during the summertime-out to dinner, to the beach, running errands around the city-so it will certainly be an easy transition.

They're also unfailingly cool. Ask Michelle Williams or Alexa Chung, who both have long been turning to the wood-soled slip-ons to channel off-duty cool. Even Sarah Jessica Parker-whose eponymous shoe company peddles rainbow-colored skyscraper-high heels that belong in Carrie Bradshaw's closet-is a devout cloglifer.

I listen, she continues, but I have no problem putting my foot down and saying no. To wit, though acrylic bar carts topped off with syringes full of Botox, Restylane, and Juvederm may fill each of the seven treatment rooms, Dr. Idriss often uses just a fraction of what's inside the vials-and only after sitting with a client and taking the time to study how her face moves.

COVID didn't inspire me to dress down! I think I now wear more young or small independent designers from all over the world. Maybe I'll have a chance to get to know emerging talents www.goldengoosers.com through my job as a scout for the LVMH Prize this year. But to be honest, I'm sick of show-off culture and everyone doing wearing the same things on social media.