Since its release in September 2021, New World has maintained a considerable number of players. However, because of the constant errors and loopholes in the game, many players who have bought a lot of New World Coins for the game feel increasingly unworthy. Amazon Game Studio is passionate about New World and is committed to saving it, as shown by their aggressive patch and some exciting recent additions in November 2021.

New World is approaching a key point in the game's history. As players leave the game every day, the Amazon Games MMO needs to add some changes to survive in the long run. Many players find that after playing for a few hours on New World, they spend a lot of New World Coins on fast travel. In addition, some players will find that it takes a large part of the time to run in Aeternum. So one thing that needs to be changed is to add mounts, or other ways to get to the destination quickly.

Whether it’s a faction mission or the main storyline, a lot of content in New World is too repetitive. This is a continuous game where players keep repeating various similar tasks in order to get rewards, such as New World Coins and other resources. Some ideas were put forward by the community, detailing the “Trade Runs” type of tasks. This can provide players with opportunities for more meaningful exploration and make the production more purposeful in the storyline. It doesn’t even need to be so complicated, as long as players have other things to do besides repeating tasks.

For players in the final stages of the game, they have been begging for more content. Amazon Game Studio can add sliders to increase the difficulty of the adventure and add new islands that can only be accessed by players with high levels. Of course, the increase in difficulty and the addition of new islands also need to bring new loot and more New World Coins.

These necessary changes will help New World be more interesting and will also stimulate players to buy New World Coins for a better gaming experience.

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