Analogue is in again, and getting behind your camera will remind you to look at something every day in an unexpected way. All of a sudden a street's composition seems interesting, a skyline surreal. Smartphones never quite do a scene justice. Bring: W270 Waist pack from The Cardinal Collection. Perfect for storing items you need easy access to while on the move.

There, she and PBI chief scientist Dr. Even city dwellers will rarely face the intense levels of cold these jackets were designed for, however, when used by a city commuter finding themselves walking through snow and low temperatures, the comfort and warmth provided by the jackets may give a legitimate reason to warrant their purchase.

The pockets at the hip are probably the closest thing to a negative I can say about this jacket. They are straight up and down, which (I think) makes it harder to get things in and out of, and they are not great for your hand or holding bulky items.

"They need sea ice as a platform to hunt on, and people around the world need sea ice to help keep our planet at a stable temperatureso what happens in the Arctic doesn't stay in the Arctic." She's also quick to rattle off worrying stats about the bears' plight: "There are 19 different polar bear populations across the Arctic, with 19 different stories," she says.

The coat is Canada Goose Outlet dry - clean only, and I would be wary of doing even that as the shell is coated to be water - repellent and wind - resistant. Ask your dry - cleaner if they have worked on CG coats before with success. You should understand that Canada Goose's "Lifetime Protection" does not cover dry - cleaning mishaps: it's one of those policies that are favorable in theory, but probably not actually usable.