There could be several instances when you cannot log in to your eToro account and this could happen due to temporary glitches. However, if trying to log in after the passage of time does not help fix the login issue, there could be some specific reasons responsible for it. On the flip side, if you did not know the reason behind login issues, you will not be able to come to a solution to get the issue fixed. Sometimes, the most common reason behind the login problem is when you enter the eToro login details in an incorrect way.

But, at the same time, the issues could also arise due to internet connectivity, website maintenance, long stored browser cookies and cache, and so on. But, the major arises when you could not figure out the reason. So, in the section below, we shall have a look at the most obvious reasons and different ways to get the issues fixed.

Factors responsible for login issues

  • You have not downloaded the available updates of this platform
  • You have probably entered the eToro login details with spelling mistakes
  • Users have visited a fake login website
  • Your device is not getting proper internet connectivity
  • Your device is not compatible with the eToro platform

Ways to fix the eToro login issues

Since there are solutions to every problem, the same is the case with eToro login issues on the eToro platform. Here are some of the things you can try to get into your eToro account once again:

  • The first thing you can try is to check if there is no spelling mistake in your login credentials and then try to log in one more time
  • Secondly, you should also check issues with internet connectivity on your device and get it rectified if there is any
  • Switch to another web browser on the same PC or use the same browser on another PC
  • Apart from this, you can also try to eliminate issues with your web browser by clearing its browsing history, by removing cookies and cache from your device


If you continue to face login issues after you have tried these remedies, you may need to get in touch with the eToro helpdesk members to get into your account and start trading. In case there are no funds in your account and you are not able to log in to it, then you are suggested to create a new eToro account.