In the recent New World report, a bug was revealed, that is, when players are offline, after they have completed item transactions with other players, they did not receive the corresponding amount of New World Coins in their accounts, but instead is a “housing compensation message”. It makes them very confused and annoyed, and they are also asking Amazon Game Studios to fix this bug quickly to soothe the mentality of the players affected by the bug.

At first, a player named Nunchaki shared this problem in New World, saying that when another player was online, there was no problem buying their items from the auction house, and they had no problem receiving New World Coins. So after completely quitting the game, Nunchaki tested it again. When they logged in again, they found their items had been sold, but they did not receive RPG New World Coins.

Nunchaki also explained that the value of the items he sold was approximately 3.5k New World Gold. This was apparently sold overnight when they were offline, and after logging in again the next day, they received the “housing compensation message” but did not receive any compensation. Lost the RPG New World Coins that he deserved.

In a forum post, several other players reported the same problem, claiming that they also sold the item, cancelled it, and did not receive Amazon New World Coins after the sale. Amazon Game Studios has not resolved this error, but it seems to have caused a lot of trouble for New World players and the game economy.

And according to recent feedback, the number of daily online players in New World has dropped drastically, and these endless bugs are one of the culprits leading to this phenomenon. If the game team still hopes that New World can develop steadily for a long time, they must try their best to optimize the game to the best possible degree to ensure that every player can get a smooth and good game experience.

And if players encounter certain difficulties that cannot be solved in the future, they can contact IGGM to get the answer, and there they can also use codes to buy New World Coins at a lowest price. Try more!