And it's Hiroshi Fujiwara who, in collaboration with Moncler, is working again on a collection of the same name: 7 MONCLER FRGMT HIROSHI FUJIWARA, which this season, in addition to the unmistakable looks typical of FRGMT, is also enriched for the first time by a range dedicated to women's clothing. The collaboration is one that shifts the tradition, strength and uniqueness of the brand while cultivating its excellence, innovation and refined design, and the first release of 2021 focuses on lighter options, perfect for a mid - season aesthetic.

In ancient Roman times, genius was the name for the guardian deity thought to watch over each person throughout their life - like the proverbial angel on your shoulder, these geniuses protected an individual's moral character, and helped one to do the right thing.

For SS20, the Moncler collection is refocused through a sportswear lense. I mean, it's definitely changed the way that we work and also the Moncler Jacket Womens way that I think about it.

It proved a roaring success. While just 10 percent of Moncler's sales come from Genius collections, the strategy introduced the brand to a younger demographic: now, 40 percent of brand customers are of the Gen - Z and Millennial generations.

If this is the first time you're hearing the name Hiroshi Fujiwara, know that he was a creative multi - hyphenate before that was even a thing: a DJ, streetwear designer, and overall arbiter of cool who is as well - versed in hip - hop and rock as he is in sneakers and fashion. In short, he's never been the type of person to stay within a single discipline.