How to import messages and contacts from AOL to Gmail?

When you use two different mailing accounts, it is nothing but trouble for you until you know that you can merge these two accounts together. However, there are some people who do not want to merge their accounts completely but rather move their email and contacts from one account to another. However, to complete this task, you will need your AOL mail login and Gmail login credentials.

If you do not have these details already, then you need to recover your login details in the first place and then proceed with the steps that we are soon going to discuss. Some email services require you to complete the email forwarding first and then let you import your contacts and email. And, the same is the case with AOL mail and Gmail.

So, the section below will explain to you how you can achieve your goal in an easy way.

Steps to import contacts and existing inbox messages

After you have completed the email forwarding process, you can go ahead with the steps that are listed below:

  1. The first thing you need to do is, open the Gmail app
  2. Now, sign in to your Gmail account
  3. On the main page of Gmail, click on the "Cog" icon to open the "Settings" menu
  4. From there, click on the "Accounts and Import" option
  5. Next up, choose "Import Mail and Contacts" from the given options
  6. In the pop-up box that opens, enter your AOL mail login address
  7. Click the "Next" option and then enter your account password
  8. Now to let Gmail access your contacts, select the "Continue" option
  9. Tick the boxes for importing "Contacts" and/or "Email"
  10. Click the "Start Import" option and select "Ok"


After you have completed this task, you may need to wait for some time to let the process complete. This will depend on the response time of the servers as well as the number of contacts or emails you are trying to import. Once the process is complete, you should see that all the contacts and emails from AOL are showing up in Gmail as well.


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