Minions are one of the simplest PoE league starter builds in the game. While the Skeletons got a nerf in the 3.16 patch notes, it is still a viable self-starter. The perks of the build allow players to summon hordes of skeletons to do their masters bidding, commanding skeletons, POE Currency and other spooky Halloween themed creatures at its foes.

The main gem you are looking to acquire is the Vaal Summon Skeleton. The skill summons hordes of Skeleton Archers, Warriors and Mages, commanding by a Skeleton General. It means you want to go into the Necromancy Ascendency so that your minions get increased health, damage, and several other benefits from minor perks to really flatter the collection of minions.

In addition, you'll want items like the Midnight Bargain. Several weapons out there increase your minion count, minion damage, minion movement speed, and other buffs. As for your other synergy items and skills, you can even spec into the Zealotry skill , as that increases your magic damage, scaling with your Exalted Orb.

If you're wondering about flasks, you'll need some form of mana flask. Your Vaal summon skeletons is quite a mana intensive build, meaning mana upkeep is essential. This is the core of the build. If you like the idea, we recommend looking for more in-depth min-max builds out there.

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