In fact, most players in the World of Warcraft game community now believe that flying mounts ruined the game. And when the development team added flying mounts to the game for the first time, players thought it would be better for the future of the game. With the new expansion and opening of World of Warcraft Classic, the players of the Classic server have also ushered in the tremendous changes brought about by flying mounts. In this expansion, flying mounts are very important, because before that players could only ride mounts on land and could not reach higher speeds.

As an important part of TBC Classic, flying mount is an expensive investment. In some specific dungeons, players even have to ride flying mounts to reach the end. So you need to accumulate some WOW TBC Gold for this. You can give up the epic flying mount that is too expensive, but you must have an ordinary flying mount, no matter how slow it is.

There are three types of flying mounts in the game. They can increase the character's movement speed by 60%, 280% and 310% respectively, which can greatly reduce the time the player spends on the road. Of course, the higher the speed of the flying mount, the higher the price.

Buy TBC Classic Gold

The first flying mount you can get in TBC Classic is a normal flying mount. For this, you need to spend 800g to learn flying skills, provided that you have mastered epic ground mount skills. In addition, you need to spend 100g of mount cost. Ordinary flying mounts can only provide a 60% speed bonus whether on the ground or in the air. This sounds sad, but there are still many players who are unable to Buy TBC Classic Gold obtain their own ordinary flying mounts because of the lack of gold. Some dungeon teams that require flying mounts to pass refused.

Better than ordinary flying mounts is the epic flying mount, which allows you to get a 280% movement speed bonus in the air. But you need to spend 5000 TBC Classic Gold to train epic flying skills. The price of an epic flying mount is twice that of a normal flying mount, and you need to spend 200g.

There are also some special flying mounts that can provide you with faster movement speeds, but you cannot buy them directly with gold. PvE players have a small chance of getting a flying phoenix after killing A'lar in the raid, while PvP players can work hard to increase their PvP points to exchange for PVP netherdrakes. They can provide up to 310% movement speed. In my opinion, if you spend too much time on making gold and cannot enjoy the fun of the game, it is not worth it. So I think all World of Warcraft TBC Classic players should experience the game currency service provided by Yes, in MMOWTS, you can buy a large amount of game currency for a small amount of money.