If you have learned about football simulation games a few years ago, you should know that EA's FIFA series of games did not have the dominant power at that time, and Pro Evolution Soccer was a competitive opponent for it. However, as EA's FIFA franchise gradually monopolizes the field of football simulation games, PES can Buy FUT 22 Coins no longer compete with the FIFA series of games. In this process, EA has made amazing profits. However, a recent piece of news indicates that the monopoly of FIFA series of games is being threatened. The cause of all this is a statement issued by FIFA.

In the new statement, FIFA pronounced itself "bullish" over "the way forward for gaming and esports." The statement also perceived to explicitly denounce the present state of the football gaming market, which has been ruled by EA for years now.

This doesn't necessarily mean the tip of EA's soccer franchise as we all know it. EA negotiates licensing deals with individual clubs and leagues, and recently inked long-term detail with FIFPRO, knowledgeable soccer association which will give EA access to the names and likenesses of thousands of players round the globe.

Its biggest impact is apt to get on the name itself. FIFA reportedly wants to charge EA $1 billion every four years to continue using its name, which EA has used since the mid-90s. EA is reportedly looking into changing FIFA's name to "EA Sports FC" in response.

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FIFA's statement also opens the door for more competition from other major developers. At present, EA's only real competition is Konami's recently-rebranded eFootball, which was disastrously rebooted as a free-to-play release rife with glitches and other problems. 2K Sports and Sony metropolis are two of the opposite major players within the sports gaming business, though neither of them have shown any interest in jumping into soccer to the present point.

And EA's main response is to terminate the cooperative relationship with FIFA, and plans to vary the name of the FIFA series of games next year. Irrespective of what happens, it looks as if the sports gaming landscape is about to undergo a dramatic shift as stakeholders like FIFA begin to appreciate just how lucrative EA's games are often. Within the meantime, you'll read our review of FIFA 22 right here.

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