With the COVID-19 cases rising swiftly again across the world, air travel looks a lot more different than usual. There are tough choices that lie ahead when you think of flying. For example, is it safe to fly, what precautions to take, is it compulsory to take the COVID test, etc. 

As you know, holidays are approaching, things will not be the same this year because of the pandemic. Due to the rise in cases, people are encouraged to celebrate their holidays virtually. Being jam-packed in a flight with a bunch of strangers sounds scary in these challenging times. While there are various risks  associated with flying the air, but it is not as dangerous as you think. Surprised! Staying home is the safest choice during the novel coronavirus, but if you wish to fly, there are some things that doctors want you to know. To clear your dilemma, doctors have some things to tell you. 

What do doctors wish patients are aware of?

Physicians want their patients to be up-to-date on the flight to avoid any kind of occurring risks. They will tell you how to navigate during the pandemic. Travel may increase chances of  spreading coronavirus, that’s why doctors suggest staying home to protect yourself. However, if you wish to fly this year, you should be aware of some points. Let’s discuss them. 

  • Picking the right airline may help

Airlines are taking all the safety measures to keep you away from the novel coronavirus. Selecting the suitable airline is the best way to ensure your safety. Make a thorough research and find out which airline is following all the safety measures and guidelines. JetBlue Airlines is one of the best options to fly safely to the final destination. Opt for Jetblue Airlines Tickets and stay worry-free about your safety. All the seats are properly sanitized and they keep a special focus on social distancing. Moreover, you will be provided a separate sanitizer that you can use throughout your journey. 

  • Flights have proper airflow

One of the myths associated with air travel is that the same air resides in the flight. That is not so true. Air enters the flight cabin through the overhead inlets. It flows downwards to the floor-level outlets. Air enters and leaves the flights’ cabin through the same seat row. Or it can go through the immediately adjacent rows. 

The flow of air in the flight is three times the amount of air required for infection control rooms available in hospitals. The ventilation system of a flight is designed in such a way that it reduces the number of viral particulars by 99.99% in six minutes. This simply means that risk in the flight is less as compared to homes, restaurants, or buildings. 

  • Consider the whole trip, not just air travel

Corona cases are increasing continuously and therefore limited traveling options are becoming a problem for every person. However, if you are willing to travel, make sure to consider all the factors involved. When you plan an air travel, you must think of various things involved, such as the vehicle you will take to go to the airport, the activities you will engage in, etc. It is very unimportant to ensure all these steps are safe. Though it is very difficult to dissociate risk from everything. 

  • Airports are taking all safety precautions

The airports are taking every possible step to protect passengers from getting infected. Mask or face coverings have been made compulsory, social distancing is followed properly and all other guidelines are followed. Moreover, it is your duty to follow all the important guidelines. 

  • Risk on the flight is very low

As mentioned above, the risk on the flight is less than in the commuter train, supermarket, classroom, and building. According to some surveys, the confirmed cases of coronavirus transmission in the air is very small. During 2020, over 1.2 billion people have traveled by air, and only 60 cases have been found of COVID-19 transmission. Think about the way of your travel and enjoy a pleasant journey. 

Consider all these points and plan a trip without any hassle. Volaris would be a great choice to complete your journey. Contact JetBlue en Espanol and confirm your flight booking within no time. 

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