The new Neon Fields arena will be Rocket League Credits the venue for excessive-octane Soccar fits in proper Rocket League style. The map’s appearance is paying homage to the old Rocket Labs maps, with blue and orange on a darkish historical past. But that’s not the handiest part of the display. A digital concert and a large floating equalizer are placed around the arena and they’re positive to steal the eye from the fit.

The Rocket Pass is in step with the season’s musical theme and carries the R3MX Battle-Car, a sporty vehicle that uses the Hybrid hitbox. In addition to the new car, players can gain a series of tune-themed objects, such as a Midi Pad Topper and an Equalizer everyday decal.

Season two additionally introduces a brand new feature known as Player Anthems, which plays part of a track every time someone ratings a purpose, makes an Epic Save, or earns MVP honors. All customers can pick from five anthems from the Rocket League OST Vol. 1, however they can earn greater thru drops and the top rate track of the Rocket Pass.