New York to Los Angeles Delta Flight Experience

Continuing the topic of airline reviews, namely long flights in economy class. This time, let's take a look at Delta Airlines using the example of a flight from N8ew York to Los Angeles. There were several reasons for choosing Delta Air Lines For travel. The main reason, of course, is the price. Prices for flights from New York to Los Angeles vary. I booked my flight directly from Delta Phone Number.

Delta is a member of the SkyTeam alliance, which means that for a Delta flight we will be credited with bonus miles with the Sky Miles Program.


How much does it cost to fly from New York to Los Angeles with the Delta?

For a convenient flight in New York - Los Angeles with a departure at 06.00 and without transfers, I paid $255. Plus, we paid for the luggage for $20. That is, the total cost of the flight in economy class was $275. These are prices for summer flights.

However, after analyzing the prices for flights in other seasons, it turned out that you can find direct cheap delta flights from $270 and flights with transfers from $180.

Bonus miles for flights from New York to Los Angeles

So, for the flight New York - Los Angeles in economy class Delta Sky Miles credited us with 12290 miles to its Bonus program.

For miles to be credited for flights operated by your airline's alliance partners, you just need to indicate your account number when purchasing tickets or later enter the information in the passenger's data. Miles should be credited to you automatically.

Baggage Policy in Delta Air Lines

You can only take your hand luggage with you for free. Carry-on luggage consists of 1 suitcase or bag (dimensions must not exceed 56 x 35 x 23 cm or in total by more than 114 cm) and 1 item, such as a handbag, camera bag, backpack, or laptop. That is, you can carry four things for two, but we, in addition to our 4 things, dragged a huge tripod into the salon (and no one told us a word)!

That is, if you are traveling light, then you can easily meet these norms. Unfortunately, we couldn't fit in and had to buy paid checked baggage.

Baggage prices depend on the point of departure and arrival. For flights within the USA / Canada, one bag up to 23 kg costs 25 dollars, the second 35. For other points of arrival/departure, prices may vary greatly (see the official website).

Online check-in for the flight.

There is not much to write about here. Delta Official site is convenient, understandable, it is always clear what will happen after clicking on a certain link or picture. The only difference that we noticed is that you can choose a seat on the plane immediately after purchasing the tickets. It is very convenient.

But it was impossible to pay for the luggage right away - and we were very worried about this. However, within 24 hours the opportunity to pay for baggage appeared, which we successfully implemented through the website. However, even if this were not possible, it can be easily done at the check-in counter at the airport.

How long does it take to fly from New York to Los Angeles?

According to the time stated on the ticket, the flight was supposed to last 5 hours and 30 minutes. But we flew about in about 5 hours. And we were in the airport building 15 minutes after landing, and we got our luggage in another 15 minutes. And after 10 minutes we were at the bus stop and were waiting for the bus of the rental office, in which we booked the car.

Delta Airlines plane

The zones are also divided into the ordinary economy, comfort, business, as well as first-class. Prices for business and first classes start at $ 1,500 and $ 2,100, respectively. We, mere mortals, are not interested in this.

Economy Class, like all large aircraft, has 3 rows of seats.

My Seat in Delta Flight

If you want to admire the beautiful views of the west coast, be sure to take a window seat. Well, if you are one of those who very badly tolerates flights, then it is better to take seats in the middle.

Menu and Food in Delta Flight

You can't say much about the flight itself. First, the food. The food was good if you do not take into account that it did not exist. At the beginning of the flight, this menu was brought, where Delta asked us to choose between a sandwich and cheesecakes with an egg. The third, something completely incomprehensible, was not available.

Then they brought a small "puff" ... And that's it! That was the end of the meals on the nearly 6-hour flight! Moreover, judging by the menu, passengers in the class above were also not particularly lucky. And this is rather strange since Delta does not belong to low-cost airlines, but too large, serious airlines with not cheap tickets at all. That being said, drinks were plentiful. Juices, soda, tea, coffee, in general, whatever the flight attendant desires, are diligently served throughout the flight. But you won't be full of drinks. In general, a minus!

Secondly, as in all rooms in America, it was very cold in the cabin! The air conditioners were working at full capacity, and it felt like the temperature in the cabin was below 20 degrees. This is not even a minus, but simply a national feature of a particular country.

Other Services in Delta

For some reason, there were no slippers, blankets, and other utensils that are on planes on long flights.

And the last thing I would like to note is that the multimedia included films with translation. There were not many of them, but - nice :)

I loved the Delta Airfare deal

In general, the flight proceeded normally. The seats in the economy are comfortable, you can watch a couple of films, and now we have arrived. And Delta's website is convenient, which is a big plus.