Despite launching again in 2015, Rocket League has been able to maintain a robust participant base even 5 years after release. Recent facts suggests that as many as 90.5 million people performed Rocket League sooner or later all through March 2021, with anywhere between 205,000 and 290,o00 gamers online at a single time. These numbers are notably excessive given the sport's age and area of Rocket League Prices  interest gameplay, however its lively esports scene can also have a big role in boosting these participant counts.

Rocket League has end up an esports staple, with frequent activities and tournaments held even 5 years after release. Lamborghini's partnership with the game similarly demonstrates this chronic recognition, as a luxurious car manufacturer possibly wouldn't bother with this type of deal for a less outstanding sport. By bringing the Huracán to Rocket League, both Lamborghini and Psyonix are able to profit off the publicity.