In the second era of World of Warcraft, the opening of World of Warcraft Classic-The Burning Crusade has passed. Now, Horde and Alliance players can leave Azeroth and head to Outland. Players need a unique mode of transportation during their journey through space.

From the capital of any faction in the WOW TBC Classic Gold Age of Shadows, players only need to enter the portal room.When World of Warcraft TBC was first launched, they all knew that things were not easy. If players want to reach Outland and start new content, players need to really find the Dark Portal. This may be a bit of a trek depending on where the player starts. Players need to have some perfect and best routes to reach the portal.

Those who don't know the Dark Portal need to find the Dark Portal near the southern end of the Cursed Land. Whether a player is a member of a clan or an alliance is determined by the best path to reach the Dark Portal. Players need to follow the path of your allegiance to match.

In order to start the The Burning Crusade content and start powering everything through the Outland area, this should be the way for World of Warcraft Classic players to successfully find the way to the Cursed Land and the Dark Portal. 

In the main story mission of the game, they can help the player find the right direction after reaching the new area.In order to help players reach their faction’s first base in Outland, they can continue to upgrade in the game and take the first step towards the level 70 limit.

Players can remember that PvP is a bit harsh in the shared leveling area.On PvP servers, players need to pay attention and be careful not to be ganked.

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