2021 is the time of the bull for the Animal Crossing Bells Chinese Zodiac, which is the reason one of the things you can buy is the Zodiac Ox Figurine. 

Yut Nori is a conventional tabletop game from Korea that is mainstream to play during the Lunar New Year festivities. 

Creature Crossing New Year's commencement and fireworksA huge commencement clock shows up before Resident Services toward the beginning of the day. At the point when just a single moment stays to 12 PM, the entirety of your island's locals will assemble around to watch the leftover measure of time tick by. At the point when just 10 seconds remain, they'll start waving their Light Sticks about. Presently's an ideal opportunity to pull out your own Light Stick www.lolga.com or plan to utilize your poppers.