Nowadays there are many cases of email hacking being recorded. Hacking of email accounts is not only limited to AOL email accounts but also other email accounts are also at risk of being hacked. Many people among us are not able to recognize that whether their email account is safe or not. If you are an AOL Mail user then you must know the signs to identify that your account is safe or it is hacked by someone. There are several signs that clearly indicate that your account and data are not safe anymore. On this page, we are discussing the way to identify a hacked AOL Mail Login account and the way to fix this issue.

Once after finding that your account is hacked, you need to change the password details of your account immediately and set two-factor authentication on your account. So, if you are also confused to confirm that your account is hacked or not then you need to refer to this post.

Signs of a hacked AOL email account

To confirm that your account is hacked or not, go through the following checklist:

  • You are informed that someone is sending spam email using your email address.
  • AOL Mail is asking you to log in to your account frequently.
  • Your account is accessed from an unexpected location and non trusted device
  • The account info and the mail settings are changed and you are not aware of it.
  • You find any type of suspicious activity on your account.

Way to fix the AOL Mail sign in account hacking issue

If you detect that your account is hacked, follow the tips that are given below:

  • Change your AOL email account password immediately
  • Visit the password manager and delete the password that you don’t recognize.
  • Configure your mail settings, if they are changed
  • Install a holistic security solution on your device
  • Confirm that the recovery options are up-to-date
  • Turn on the two-factor authentication on your account
  • Restart your device, update the browser or app, and re-login to your account


To sum up, whenever you find that someone has made a suspicious activity using your AOL Mail sign in account, you need to confirm that your account is safe or not. You can easily identify that your account is hacked or not by going through the checklist that is mentioned above. Once you are sure that your account is hacked by someone, you need to approach the ways to fix this issue. Resetting the password of your account or enabling two-factor authentication would be a quick fix for you.