Early Monday morning, the public beta of Amazon’s game New World ended. The flow of this game is impressive in this New World Coins short window. The number of concurrent players on the first day reached more than 141,000. This is a pretty remarkable number, and the game cannot fully maintain it.

As a Reddit user, Glorf_Warlock discovered and uploaded a short video to Reddit. This is the case with the clip showing his character approaching the translucent glowing yellow wall that divides the edge of the game world. On the other side, their health began to lose rapidly in about two seconds.

Now there is a very big problem, going out of bounds so quickly will cause so much damage. This is also the reason for not killing the player immediately when passing through the wall. Like many games, the developers of the new world can make the border wall impassable.

On Reddit, Glorf_Warlock found some humorous comments from New World players. Amazon seems to be making New World secretly a battle royale game. The two proposed universes represent the magical structure of this wall constructed by one of the many supernatural entities of the New World. Glorf_Warlock found the entrance to the first expansion of the new world is another suggestion.

Later this month, they launched New World. Earlier this year, the mixed reaction to its internal test caused a lot of attention. Criticisms such as the lack of enemy types, economic imbalances in the game, frequent crashes, and a series of errors have emerged.

To give developers time to solve the problems players encountered in the closed beta is part of the reason Amazon postponed New World. In general, players agree that this effort seems to be a success. In the Amazon New World Coins beta, the fact that the number of players in the new world peaked so early is a red flag. By cooperating with experienced suppliers, NewWorldCoins.com has more leeway to lower the price of New World Coins so that players can profit.