Air Jordan 13 will always be the first choice for many sports shoe fans. The high-top design with tumbling leather and smooth suede covering will always look like a classic, plus the nostalgia of the MJ golden age. From now to 2021, the "Court Purple" color scheme that looks so popular will create a version that you can't miss. Dressed in black. White and Court Purple, no leaked images have surfaced yet, but we hope this sneaker has a black rolled leather upper, and Court Purple suede around the heel and fender. The white Jumpman brand will be placed on the tongue, and the AJ13 holographic ankle logo will be placed as usual. To complete the design, the court purple and black midsole will highlight the bottom, while the white rubber outsole will complete the new design.
Although the 30th year of Air Jordan 5 production ended in a few days, Jordan Brand can still launch this new "Jade Horizon" version in 2021. Air Jordan 5 has already launched several other colors in 2021, and plans to launch another new color in the fall of next year. Dressed in a unique emerald horizon, light silver, anthracite and pink glaze color scheme, no leaked image has surfaced yet. Based on the official color block, it is expected to see green and pink throughout, and black and silver throughout the details. A cold rubber outsole may also be used.
Jordan Brand has prepared a special 2021 holiday for the Air Jordan 3, which will use camouflage details. We have obtained more and more detailed information about Jordan Brands' 2021 holiday lineup. Judging from its early appearance, there are many things to look forward to. In addition to a variety of different styles, Air Jordan 3 will also launch a new Camo version. The shoe has not yet been leaked, but look forward to the high-quality leather AJ3, which has a camouflage decoration on the upper, or replaces the common elephant print overlay that we all like. Regardless of the official facelift, the camouflage on classic sneakers is definitely a brand new experience that many people look forward to.
Recently, Air Jordan 9 began to sell a variety of color matching, it seems that the number of sales is purely calculated by Jordan Brand, and a new version of Chilean red color matching appeared. Although Air Jordaan 9 is not a fan favorite, its silhouette has exceeded expectations almost every time it is released. On the one hand, it is Jordan sneakers; on the other hand, Jordan Brand adds a clean, wearable color scheme to sneakers in some way every time. Now in the fall, the silhouette will drop in the Chilean red variant. Although no leaked images have surfaced, the official color scheme is Chilean red and black. It is expected to look very similar to the 2012 Air Jordan 9 "Motorboat Jones", so you can expect the Chilean red upper with black details throughout the design. .