In World of Warcraft, players can see thousands of missions. Most missions operated by simple killing and collecting models that connect stories together are unique. The few identifiable tasks are different from many other tasks. They define the story of the game.

In the long history of World of Warcraft, the game has added several tasks that belong to the WOW TBC Classic Gold "must play" category. In World of Warcraft, the best task is not a one-time event. The broad storyline highlighted by the unforgettable task chain shapes the best moments in the drama upgrade experience.

Nine weeks ago, the first season of the PvP Arena of World of Warcraft TBC Classic began. For the arrival of the second season, players have made sufficient preparations.

The expanded first arena season lasted about 20 weeks when it was popular in the mid-2000s. The developers expect to follow a similar timeline when TBC Classic is announced this season.

In the third stage of the game content release, the second season will begin to be released. The updated content may be released at the same time as the raid on the dark temple.

Holly Longdale, the Burning Crusade Classic Gold lead producer of Classic, was interviewed by WoW PvP anchor Venruki during The Burning Crusade Classic Arena Tournament. He said that the second season is earlier than originally expected. Players can restart the second season in the second stage without waiting for the dark temple.

The second season of the Arena will be officially released on September 14th with the launch of the second phase of this month.

World of Warcraft will have a one-week offseason before the start of the second season. On September 7, the first season will officially end. In response to the upcoming season, the first season of Gladiator and Honor equipment will be discounted. In addition to some of the above content, players will also welcome a good news, MMOWTS is currently holding a promotional event for players. If players become VIPs on the website, they can get a cheaper WOW TBC Classic Gold.