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There are a bunch of changes made in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic compared to WoW Classic. One of the key elements players have expected to change in WoW TBC is the harmony between the classes and the reliable way of farming WoW TBC Classic Gold. Gold is the most fundamental currency in the universe of World of Warcraft considering it’s what bestows every player an “advantage” in the game. Granted, almost every player can grind for WoW TBC gold for themselves given that it’s a free world, but not everyone can collect the same amount. Some players are miles ahead of the others due to certain resources and conditions such as starting earlier or having a “better” class for gold farming. To give those players a helping hand, there are some of the best classes that they should utilize to farm TBC gold and in turn, get better WoW TBC Classic items. Below are the best classes to get gold quickly.

  1. Druid

The Druid is one of the best classes in World of Warcraft because of being a great all-rounder. The Druid versatility, this class has significantly become a mold each player can form themselves to create the ultimate character they’re dreaming for. Blizzard has polished almost all of the classes in preparation for the release of The Burning Crusade, and the Druid was part of that procedure. The improvements in this expansion made it extremely favorite among players. For those damage-dealing lovers, they can go with the Feral Druid route which can have the off-tank role when engaging in a raid. For those who want to hold the aggro on packs, they can use the Bear Tank role because this type kind of build progressively gets better as every player progresses through the expansion. Conclusively, there’s the Restoration Druid build in which arguably has the finest specs. This end results in the Druid class is one of the finest WoW TBC Classic Gold farmers.

  1. Paladin

It’s never hopeless to discuss some of the classes to farm TBC gold without mentioning the Paladin. Since the release of World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic, all specs of the Paladin have become more realistic compared to WoW Classic. Paladins are one of the finest tanks to use when raiding’s or dungeons as these classes are able to dedicate themselves to drive and receive all the aggro from the bosses and other little monsters. The Paladin is also one of the finest buff classes in the game. To be specific, The Prot Paladin build, has the advantages of being highly coveted when doing dungeons. Consequently, the class is famous for being the rawest gold farmer.

  1. Mage

If you’re looking for a dependable and consistent class, the Mage is a perfect choice. In spite of, Blizzard implementing the AoE cap for World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic, as a matter of fact, it did nothing to stop the class. The Mage is stellar for boosting other players which is a great plus for those who are thinking of inviting a friend along for the adventure. During the expansions, the Mage remained one of the strong DPS casters all throughout, triggering all of the specs in the game. In addition to, being good for PvP, the Mage is a class more decent to use for farming TBC gold. While it’s not comparable to the Paladin and the Druid, Mage is perfect for players who would like to farm gold proficiently.


If players just would like to obtain the most out of farming WoW TBC gold without dilly-dallying, then it is better to stick with the gigantic three best classes (Druid, Paladin, Mage) to save time. Take note that everything we’ve discussed is strictly about WoW TBC gold farming only – it doesn’t mean the three best classes mentioned above would essentially be great for the Arena, PvP, or PvE-related game activities.

Have you tried using any of these three best classes? Tell us your experience, which do you think is the best for World of Warcraft TBC farming and TBC items in the comment section below.