As the main villain in Inazuma, Barr is known as Raiden Shogun, and she has also become one of the growing list of new characters for the original god. In the update of Genshin Impact 2.1, Baal's criminal partner Kujou Sara and Sangonomiya Resistance leader Kokomi were also introduced. Aloy will be Buy Genshin Impact Accounts open to everyone in 2.2, but Playstation players will get exclusive access to Horizon Zero Dawn’s Aloy in the next update.

Although in most of the cutscenes of the game, Barr is holding a long sword, but she is actually a character who uses an Electro polearm. When she is in her elemental burst, her sword will be activated. Barr's arsenal makes her tend to become the main DPS character, and she has a powerful ability that can still cause problems for the enemy without her being center stage.

Without breaking the story, players will need a strong team to defeat the new boss in the next attack. It's worth noting that Barr will do a good job in DPS and vice DPS. So how to best build Baal DPS? As a powerful five-star character, Barr has his own special weapon. Her configuration custom polearm "Engulfing Lightning" and artifact set "Severed Fate", these two powerful pieces of equipment can ensure that she can give full play to her abilities. In addition, the player should pay attention to that because Baal's ability requires a lot of energy, so energy supply is very important for Baal. Using this construction can ensure that she has sufficient energy.

Engulfing Lightning will give Baal up to 80% extra attack power. After she uses the element burst, she will get 30% energy recovery within 12 seconds, so that she can use her special skills to gain attack bonuses. The two-piece Severed Fate reward will increase Baal’s energy recovery rate by an additional 20%, and four pieces will increase her energy recovery by 25% (maximum 75%.) Players must make full use of these energies and must use Baal’s elemental skills Defeat the enemy while active. If you combine Electro and Anemo, you can trigger a whirlpool elemental reaction to cause a large amount of damage effortlessly. The Electro Traveler can also obtain the High Voltage elemental resonance, causing elemental bursts damage.

In order to achieve elemental bursts, you can match Baal with Rosaria or Ganyu and other Cryo characters to maximize our damage output. If there is a Cryo character in the team, you can trigger the Superconduct which can reduce the enemy's physical defense by 50%. Rosaria and Ganyu are both good choices.

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