Candace Parker will be the first female basketball player to appear on the cover of the popular video game, which will be released in November. The Chicago Sky forward will appear on the cover of the WNBA 25th anniversary special edition of 2K22 Screenshot, which will be released on September 10. That is exactly what Parker said. “I grew up as a video game enthusiast; that is what I did, to the point where my brothers would give me a fake controller when I was younger so I would think I was playing when I wasn't,” Parker said. I just wanted to be like them, that's all I wanted. When you're a kid growing up, you dream of having your own pair of shoes and of appearing in a video game. As a young athlete, those are the things that every child dreams about. I don't take it lightly that I've had the opportunity to do so.”“I believe that when you are young and have these kinds of experiences, you are ready to move on to the next thing,” she explained.“As I've gotten older, I've learned to really appreciate the present. I believe it is, without a doubt, a watershed moment in the history of women's basketball.

Candace Parker, the cover athlete of NBA 2K22, has joined the commentary team.

“I think most importantly, it speaks to the importance of visibility and how important it is, as well as the importance of the WNBA,” Parker said.“Everyone is focusing on how it affects little girls, but it also has an impact on little boys, young men, young women, and men and women,” says the author. I believe that our game is distinct from that of the NBA, and the league is beginning to acknowledge this. Fans are more interested than ever in following the athlete's progress. It contributes to and benefits the WNBA through social media and video games.”Parker has won two WNBA MVP awards, six all-star selections, one WNBA championship, one WNBA Finals MVP award, and two Olympic gold medals. Parker will be commentating on the medal rounds at the Tokyo Olympics, which she is looking forward to. I recall Craig Sager conducting an interview with me, which was incredible.

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The broadcast does have an impact on the game's amplification. I'm really looking forward to being a part of the Olympic experience.”The Olympics will begin on Friday, July 23, and will run until August 8. The WNBA will be taking a month-long break while its players compete in the Olympics. Parker is using this opportunity to not only represent the United States of America, but also to represent women all over the world. It is such an important platform for young ballers to be inspired, and I wanted future WNBA stars to know that they, too, can appear on the cover of NBA 2K. Because representation is important, this is a momentous occasion for the sport and the series to make significant strides forward. Being a part of this historic cover is a testament to the growth and rising popularity of the women's game, and I'm honored to be the first female cover athlete to serve as the face of NBA 2K.”


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The first-ever NBA 2K League All-Star Game will take place on September 25 and will be broadcast live on Twitch and YouTube. The Eastern and Western Conferences will each have seven players selected to play in the game, according to the NBA, which described the process as "a vote of fans, current NBA 2K League players, head coaches and general managers, and a media panel."The fans' vote will account for half of the official total, while the players' vote will account for 25 percent, and the votes of the coaches, general managers, and media will account for the remaining 25 percent. When the votes are totaled, the three guards and four frontcourt players from each conference with the highest vote totals will be named All-Stars. Fans can vote for their favorite All-Stars on the league's website from Aug. 16 at 1 p. m. ET to Aug. 26 at 11:59 p. m. ET. The winning team will receive $18,000 to distribute among its members, while the losing team will receive $7,000 to distribute among its members.

On Sept. 25, the NBA 2K League will host its inaugural All-Star Game, with a prize pool of $25,000.

The league stated in a press release that additional information, including the location of the game, will be released at a later date.“For four seasons, the NBA 2K League has been the home of the world's best NBA 2K players, and in celebration, we are thrilled to host the NBA 2K League All-Star Game, where, for the first time ever, we will see the absolute best players in the world, as determined by peers, coaches, general managers, media, and fans, compete and showcase their skills playing the newly-released NBA 2K22,” league president Brendt Williams said. Donohue went on to say that the league hopes to make the All-Star Game an annual event. Once again, a familiar face will grace the cover of the next installment of NBA 2K, which will be released on September 10th, but this time, it will be a face that will go down in NBA 2K history.