While you power on your iPhone and it gets stuck on the Apple logo, then there could be nothing more frustrating situation like this. The frozen iPhone screen issue is not hard to resolve and can be fixed by referring to the easy solutions that are mentioned in Support.apple.com/iphone/restore. The best way to fix such an issue on your iPhone is to get it restored or restore it on your own. However, before you move on to restore your device make sure that you perform a soft and hard reset on it. 

On the other hand, one should only apply this procedure if the progress bar on his device hasn't moved a bit from the past one hour. In case it hasn't, then you may proceed with the steps mentioned in this post. 

Reasons why your phone is frozen

  • The software in your phone might have become corrupted
  • You have installed corrupted or transferred such files to your device
  • Your iPhone has been jailbroken which has eventually resulted in a boot loop
  • Some internal or external components of your phone have got damaged because you dropped it

Ways to fix the frozen screen on iPhone

  • Force restart your device

Well, this is one of the most common ways to fix the frozen screen issue on your iPhone. To force restart your phone, you definitely need to visit the Support.apple.com/iphone/restore page and learn the model-specific instructions to force restart your iPhone.

  • Reinstall the operating system

To reinstall the iOS, you need to connect it to your computer and perform a few necessary steps to complete the installation of the Operating System. 

  • Factory restore your iPhone


To learn how to restore your iPhone to factory defaults, you simply need to visit Support.apple.com/iphone/restore and learn the complete procedure from there.


Since this problem is quite common, therefore you need not worry as the solutions we have discussed are quite simple. Just make sure that you perform each procedure carefully to avoid facing any such with your iPhone in the future or fix it by applying the same methods again.