Be aware that EU has less server capacity. The aion classic kinah last time I determined Stormwing's limit, it was just 3000. But , yeah Aion was in EU always had more people, so Classic should bring even more people in EU.

It will likely take about 3 months or so before the hype has diminished and the majority of hardcore gamers are done with the current content/gear grind. The peak players chart, which I've added in the second comment, shows that the players are steadily declining.

In addition, how is the balance between factions? Thinking of doing an elyos on siel since back in the day , they were played as an asmo. I'm just wondering what are the major advantages for doing this. I'm using Aussie wifi, so I'm not all that focused on pvp. I'm looking to play with my chanter as well as pve/overworld.

The longevity of the game is unknown, but the group of players who intend to stay with the game have already completed the first leveling phase. Therefore, you wont see a ton of people in the early areas , aside from drifting. Anyone who gets to 42 is bound to remain.

I've played Aion in the past as well as in the present. The game is amazing however, it is supported by a company that is too ambitious to be successful. The reason why classic has an ineffective launch is due to the fact that Ncsoft chose to force a subscription onto the player base in addition to introducing microtransactions and incorporating p2w elements in the game. A majority of F2P games don't attempt to do both, and ncsoft is clearly trying to make money from players to the max before the hype wears off. Perhaps Aion's private server is more effective in the moment.

I tried it out a few times, but didn't go enough. While looking for a different game to play, I found the Classic server of the game. Was planning to play to play a bit sooner, but I've heard that the retail version of the game had bad design choices or something similar. Let's just say that I'm very pleased with it to date.

The setting is in a fantastical world that is currently shattered in two due to a catastrophic event which occurred many years ago. The world's race has been split into two subtypes (each being a part of the world) that are always in battle with one another. As players, you have the option to choose which side you wish to be on. The settings and the environments provide a vivid, exotic mysterious feel that's different from a Medieval-style one. In some areas you'll even see huge creatures flying in the sky. While euro aion classic buy kinah you can fly, it's not possible to do so across all regions. It's still an exciting and enjoyable feature however.