Reborn dolls are hyper-realistic baby dolls that look like real babies, but they are made of vinyl and silicone. Its origin dates back to World War II Germany, when mothers, faced with a shortage of resources, were forced to redo and redecorate their daughters' dolls to make them look new. At present, they are used and cared for by many people, fundamentally women, as if they were a real child. They dress them, bathe them, give them a bottle, buy them real clothes and Take Them Out For A Walk.
A Reborn Doll Is A Hand Made Art Doll Created From A Blank Kit Or A Manufactured Doll That Has Been Completely Transformed By An Artist To Resemble A Human Infant With As Much Realism As Possible. The Process Of Creating A reborn doll is referred to as reborning and the doll artists are referred to as reborners.
Reborn dolls were commercialized in the 1990s, Since then, an industry and community surrounding reborn dolls has emerged. Reborn dolls are primarily purchased online but are available at fairs. Depending on craftsmanship, they range in price from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

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