World of Warcraft Classic is a nostalgic nightmare. Running through the old, familiar plains promises to delight veterans and newcomers alike. If you’ve grown accustomed to the 8-12 hour leveling expectation that comes in modern World of Warcraft expansions, Classic’s average leveling time will upset you. Unless you end up an extremely hardcore player, you’ll likely spend more time leveling in World of Warcraft Classic than you’ll ever spend in the endgame. And you’re probably going to need some help to hit level 60.

Here are Some tips to help you get started on your leveling journey in World of Warcraft Classic and make the most of your in-game time.


Dungeons, while at first-glance not being the jackpot of EXP, is a great way for players that may have missed the time of vanilla WoW to get a better understanding of the game itself while also providing an opportunity to take out as many enemies as possible (remember kill, kill, kill?). With a smart party comp, the EXP gains can be maximized offering rewards that are meaningful, a break from the normal grind, and EXP galore for those taking everything they can get.


Questing is the default and most common way of leveling in WoW Classic. You can play on your schedule, there is always content to do, and you are not reliant on anyone else if you are questing solo. If you do not have a set group for dungeon grinding, this can easily be more efficient and will minimize your downtime.

Your time spent while questing can be broken down into three basic parts: combat, recovery, and travel time. Combat is the time you take to kill enemies, recovery is the downtime while you recover Mana or health in between killing enemies, and travel is when you need to move between quests or zones. Lots of people focus solely on optimizing combat times, but the most efficient players will focus on optimizing their time as a whole. Often, this means focusing on increasing your recovery speed instead of increasing your damage, which is why Spirit is an incredibly good leveling stat for most classes. Some classes benefit more than others though, since classes like Hunters do not need the regeneration as much as a Warrior might while questing. Check out the class leveling guides to see what is best for your class.


Contrary to popular belief, grouping can actually be a great way to quest. Whether or not it is worth grouping comes down to your personal preference and kill speed while solo. First and foremost, leveling with a friend can be much more enjoyable than playing solo, so do not hesitate to do what is most enjoyable to you. If all you care about is efficiency though, then you need to look at kill rates. Most classes benefit greatly from pairing up into a duo or group, but some less so than others. Hunters, for example, already have one of the fastest kill rates in the game solo, so putting them into a duo is only going to slow down their XP/hour compared to being solo for the most part. Warlocks also have an excellent kill rate while solo, but giving them a duo partner who can tank or heal allows them to purely focus on damage, which can greatly increase their kill rate, making them a great class for duos. To figure out if it is worth it or not, you need to know how XP is affected in groups.

To determine if grouping is beneficial, you need to compare the XP reduction that you get to the group's increased kill speed. For lots of players, the safety and kill speed increase of being with a group ends up being more beneficial than playing solo. It is worth noting that this only affects your XP rates for killing enemies, and will not affect your quest XP. Grouping also can be better since you can complete quests faster, but sometimes can be worse if there are not lots of quests or if an area has a low mob density, meaning your kill rate will not be as high as it could. Lastly, grouping can sometimes be worse if you and your group have different play schedules. Tying yourself to someone else's schedule can limit your playtime, which might end up slowing you down over just questing yourself. The answer is different for every player and it is up to you to decide if grouping is worth it.


If you only go through zones doing exactly what is needed for each quest, you will end up running out of quests before Level 60. There are simply not enough quests available, especially at 50+, for you to purely level off of. This is one reason why throwing some dungeon runs in can be beneficial since it helps bridge the XP gap that you will surely hit in some zones. The main thing that you will need to practice is grinding. Grinding in this case means killing enemies over and over with as little downtime as possible for the most XP/hour. Some grinding spots with the right enemies are actually so good that they can be better than questing even. While you do not need to sit in one spot and grind for hours on end (although you can), the better thing to do is get in the habit of grinding while running between quests. As you travel, just kill every enemy that you see along the way. Travel time is one of the biggest issues in leveling since it is the only time where you are not working towards getting more experience at that moment. Grinding while traveling helps mitigate this, especially at lower levels where every class can auto attack enemies to kill them. Sufficient grinding will help ensure that you are getting enough XP per zone you complete, and will make it easier switching from zone to zone by ensuring that you are an adequate level.

Get that gold

So this one is tightly linked to perfecting your craft, as we have mentioned earlier. If you keep selling items and materials, that will grant you some gold you can stack upon.

As you can tell, professions play a big part in this game. Also, if you get rid of your enemies, that will accumulate gold much faster through vendoring trash or through any items they’ve had on them. Just like in real life – money can get you a lot of things, and it’s not much different in World of Warcraft Classic either. With your gold, you can buy gear, get repeated travel which can help you rank higher, and so on. For example, at level 40 you’ll get the opportunity to get your first mount which will increase the speed by a significant number (60%). That will make you complete quests much faster, so, that being said, spend and save wisely.

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