The art of caning or Rattan Corner Sofa dates back to centuries. From Egyptian pharaohs to Victorian kings, caned furniture has made it to castles and palaces along with homes and hotels. You can still find caned chairs in the waiting lounge of a 5-star hotel or on the patio of a lavish outdoor restaurant.

Flexible Material

One of the main advantages of rattan is its flexible material. It can be weaved into a variety of shapes. Rattan's flexibility gives you, the consumer, numerous options when it comes to furnishing your space of choice

Take, for example, rattan chairs which can be square, round, cubed or any other shape that's practical. Rattan can also be shaped into daybeds, entire dining sets and much more. You'll have practically endless options when it comes to furnishing with rattan.

Keep in mind that rattan typically only comes in a select few colors, despite its many possible shapes. The most common colors tend to be neutral -- black, grey, white and brown. These neutral colors can typically blend in with most environments. That means no matter where you place your rattan garden furniture, it'll blend right in.

If you're looking for more vibrant colors, you can purchase sofa/chair cushions in practically any color you can think of. That way you can go with the color scheme of your choice while still enjoying the versatility of rattan garden furniture.

Suitable for interior design

Rattan is particularly known for being suitable for use in the garden but it's also a superb material for household furniture too. Traditionally used in the conservatory, rattan is starting to appear in rooms all over the house because of its unique qualities which can't be replicated by other materials. Looking elegant and being totally functional are no longer mutually exclusive thanks to rattan design.

Light but durable

Dreading the idea of moving a cumbersome couch or chair into your backyard? That won't be a problem with rattan furniture. Rattan is composed of a naturally tough wood vine which makes it light weight, but durable. This combination is one of the primary reasons rattan is so popular.

Despite the toughness of rattan material, it wouldn't hurt to use a cover to protect your furniture when you're not using it (a good idea for keeping the dust away). A cover would also come in handy during bad weather.

Weather Resistant Rattan Furniture

One of the best features about Richmond’s Verano rattan garden furniture is that it’s all manufactured to be left outside all year round, no matter how bad the weather! Tried and tested by our customers, we’re so confident that your rattan garden furniture can survive in all weathers that your garden set will come with a 10 year long-life guarantee. While our cushions are rainproof, we do recommend that you store these when they’re not in use, but the rest of your rattan garden furniture will hold its own in the rain and wind of winter. Of course, you can always use an all-weather protective cover to fully protect the set if you don’t want to take our word for it!

Easy to repair

Unlike other types of material, rattan is remarkably resilient and won't easily break or tear. However if any splits do appear over time, they can simply be repaired in a matter of minutes. All that's needed is some boiled linseed oil (not raw as it won't set) which should be brushed over the split area until no more can be absorbed. The excess oil should then be wiped away and the chair left to set and harden. This is all that's needed to restore its immaculate good looks!

Rattan furniture has long been a common type of furniture that continues to be preferred by many. No matter what your reason may be for choosing rattan or rattan-inspired furniture, make sure that you put careful thought and consideration to your choice. Insharefurniture is a website which wholsale rattan corner sofa and other rattan furniture, you can click to learn more information, or visit our factory.