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PMI-ACP certification exam is a globally recognized certification that validates the knowledge and expertise of professionals in agile methodologies. It is a challenging exam that requires thorough preparation and understanding of agile concepts. PMI Agile Certified Practitioner certification exam is suitable for professionals who have experience working in agile environments and want to enhance their skills and knowledge further. PMI offers various resources and training programs to help candidates prepare for the exam and advance their careers in agile project management.

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PMI Agile Certified Practitioner Sample Questions (Q71-Q76):

During its first sprint a new scrum team realizes that it has insufficient team members with test automation skills to effectively complete its stories. What should the team do?

  • A. Avoid using test automation by swarming on the testing tasks and using manual testing
  • B. Cross-tram some members in the automation framework to broaden their capacity with that skill
  • C. Send a member to automation framework training when funds are available
  • D. Ask the product owner to add team members to boost this particular skill set

Answer: D

A business analyst has identified a new risk in an Agile project. What is the best first step the business analyst should take regarding this risk?

  • A. Call a meeting with the project manager and senior management to determine how the risk will be managed.
  • B. Add the risk in a clearly visible location and ensure it is discussed after the next daily stand up.
  • C. Email the project manager and add it to the risk register so that it is discussed during the next daily standup.
  • D. Call an immediate meeting with all team members to discuss the newly identified risk.

Answer: B

A member of a project's development team approaches the team lead and requests database administrator training. The team member believes that their inability to handle this work, and to rely on outside specialists is impacting team velocity.
What should the agile team lead do?

  • A. Ask the outside specialists it database administration is required from the team
  • B. Send one member to training only after asking the team if there is an issue with the current work flow
  • C. Wait until all members of the team can attend training
  • D. Send the member to training

Answer: A

The product owner of a team starts the iteration review with a quick walkthrough of the iteration goal, the list of planned stories with status, and a demo of all the stories to the business.
What should the product owner have done differently?

  • A. Demonstrated only the completed stories and seek stakeholder feedback
  • B. Presented a demo of all the stories including the work in progress stories
  • C. Presented the budget situation and review the cost variance
  • D. Reviewed the test results to gain confidence from the stakeholders

Answer: B

Explanation/Reference: https://www.scaledagileframework.com/iteration-review/

During a Kanban team's daily stand up, an agile coach observes that the team seems disinterested in the work status. While it appears that there are no issues with flow, there is a marked lack of attention to team effort. When the agile coach queries the team for reasons, members explain that work continues to be scheduled with no end in sight.
What should the agile coach do?

  • A. Rejuvenate the team by temporarily reducing WIP levels.
  • B. Work with the team to determine points at which to celebrate its work.
  • C. Have the team increase work in progress (WIP) levels to more quickly complete the flow.
  • D. Provide the team with a break by scheduling a team event.

Answer: D


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