In a submit to its boards, Blizzard stated WOW Classic Items there may be two kinds of drums in Classic TBC. The first, which will be available on launch, will best provide birthday celebration individuals inside a 5-yard radius the Bloodlust/Heroism buff that drums are recognised for. 

This will emulate the manner that drums operated at some stage in the primary few patches of TBC while it firstly released. The improved model of Drums could be a separate object “Greater Drums of Battle.”

The recipe for it will drop off enemies in Zul’Aman, an instance so as to be to be had in the course of Phase Four of TBC. Blizzard in advance introduced a timeline for TBC content material that covered five phases.

Alhough this comes as a “alternate,” in original TBC, the notoriously effective drums were weak whilst the sport released. This induced Blizzard to buff them resulting in the meta-shaping career of MMOBC the expansion.