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The PRINCE2 Practitioner certification exam is a comprehensive test that assesses an individual's ability to apply the PRINCE2 methodology to real-world project scenarios. The exam covers various topics, such as project initiation, planning, execution, control, and closure, and it requires candidates to demonstrate their knowledge of these areas through practical applications. The certification exam is recognized globally and is a valuable asset for professionals who want to advance their careers in project management.

The PRINCE2 Practitioner certification exam is challenging and requires a thorough understanding of the PRINCE2 methodology. To pass the exam, candidates must demonstrate their ability to apply PRINCE2 principles to real-world project scenarios, understand how to tailor the methodology to specific projects, and pass a multiple-choice test. Nonetheless, with the right preparation and study, the PRINCE2 Practitioner certification exam can be a valuable credential that validates an individual's project management skills and opens up new career opportunities.

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Obtaining the PRINCE2 Practitioner certification is an important step for project managers who want to demonstrate their expertise in the PRINCE2 methodology. This certification is recognized globally and can open up new career opportunities for project managers in a variety of industries, including IT, construction, and finance. Additionally, the PRINCE2 Practitioner certification is a valuable asset for organizations that want to ensure that their project managers have the knowledge and skills needed to manage projects effectively and efficiently.

PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam Sample Questions (Q33-Q38):

Who would be responsible for maintaining the Configuration Item Records?

  • A. Project Support
  • B. Team Manager
  • C. Project Assurance
  • D. Project Manager

Answer: A

Progress Theme
Testlet 1
Project Scenario
Calendar Project (Note: The companies and people within the scenario are fictional.) There has been a reduction in fie number of orders at the MNO Manufacturing Company due in part to the increased marketing activities of its competitors. To help counter this, the company has decided to create a promotional calendar for next year for all its current and prospective customers. The end product of this project will be a prepared calendar pack, ready for printing. The design of the calendar will be similar to one sent out previously, and must reflect the company image as described in the existing corporate branding standards.
Another project is currently producing a new company logo when is to be printed on each page of the promotional calendar. The prepared calendar pack will consist of:
* Design for each month - correctly showing at public holidays and new company logo
* Selected photographs- 12 professionally-produced photographs, showing different members of staff
* Selected paper and selected envelope - for printing and mailing the calendar
* Chosen label design - a competition to design a label will be held as part of this project
* List of customers - names and addresses of customers to whom the calendar will be sent.
The project is currently in initiation and will have two further stages:
Stage 2 will include tie activities to:
* Create the customer fast using information from the Accounts and Marketing departments
* Confirm compliance with the Data Protection Legislation
* Create a design for each month - this will be done by the internal creative team
* Select and appoint a professional photographer
* Gather photograph design ideas from previous project and agree photographic session schedule
* Prepare a production cost forecast
* Select paper and envelope.
Stage 3 will include the activities to:
* Produce and select tie professionally-taken photographs
* Hold the label design competition and choose the label design
* Assemble the prepared calendar pack.
A production cost forecast, based on the options and costs for the paper, envelope, printing and marketing of the calendar is to be produced in stage 2. However, the actual production and distribution of the calendars is not within the scope of the project. The product cost forecast will be reviewed by the Project Board to determine whether tie project should continue.
It is now 05 October and the prepared calendar pack must be delivered to the print company by 30 November, to enable printing and distribution of the calendar in time for Christmas. The cost of the activities to develop the specialist products and the cost of the project management activities are estimated to be E20,000. There is a project time tolerance of +1 week /-2 weeks and a project cost tolerance of +E6,000 / -E6,000. A change budget of E500 has been allocated but there is no risk budget.

During stage 3, project costs are increasing but there will still be a positive return on investment, as
documented in the business case. However, corporate management has recently revised its targets for return
on investment and has decided to stop the project as it will not meet the new targets.
Is this an appropriate application of the 'continued business justification' principle?

  • A. No, because the project business case still justifies a project.
  • B. Yes, because a change in a project's justification should trigger premature closure.
  • C. No, because changes in corporate strategy should not impact a project once authorized.
  • D. Yes, because changes in corporate strategy may impact a project's justification.

Answer: A

Additional Information
Product Description
Quality notes from the Daily Log
The Director of Information Technology Division (DIT) has been asked to ensure that any changes to the outsourced staff employment contracts adhere to employment law. The DIT will review future job descriptions of the transferred staff before the final contract is signed with the selected service provider.
The service level agreement between MFH and the selected service provider will specify the type and quality of service required. The selected service provider must follow the industry standards for providing outsourced services.
MFH has a quality management system which contains a document control procedure for all its documentation, however this does not include change management.
All project documents will be subject to a quality review. Nominated products will require a formal approval record signed-off by the quality review chair.
Extract from the draft Quality Management Strategy (may contain errors) Introduction
1. This document defines the approach to be taken to achieve the required quality levels during the project.
2. The Project Board will have overall responsibility for the Quality Management Strategy.
3. Project Assurance will provide assurance on the implementation of the Quality Management Strategy.
Quality management procedure - Quality standards
4. The selected service provider will operate to industry standards for providing outsourced services.
5. MFH document standards will be used.
6. A Quality Register will be maintained to record the planned quality events and the actual results from the quality activities.
7. Configuration Item Records will be maintained for each product to describe its status, version and variant.
8. Approval records for products that require them will be stored in the quality database.
Roles and responsibilities
9. The DIT will check that the employment contracts for outsourced staff adhere to employment law.
10. Team Managers will provide details of quality checks that have been carried out.
11. Team Managers will ensure that the Quality Register is updated with the names of team members who are involved in the review process.
12. The Senior User will review the Product Descriptions of the products to be produced by the selected service provider to ensure that they can be achieved.
The service level agreement looks like any other MFH document.

  • A. Obtain agreement from the Director of Facilities Division to redesign the service level agreement within the remaining +2 days tolerance.
  • B. Raise an issue (off-specification).
  • C. Accept this error as a concession.
  • D. No action required.

Answer: D

What is the purpose of a Product Status Account?

  • A. A set of records that describe information about the project
  • B. A log used to record problems or concerns about products
  • C. A report covering the status about the state of the projects products within
  • D. An audit or review to compare actual status of products

Answer: C

Additional Information
Extract from the Communication Management Strategy.
The project information in the table below is true, but it may not be recorded under the correct heading or be in the correct document.
Using the Project Scenario, select the appropriate response to each of the following 5 questions which have been raised by the Project Board.
The project is now at the end of the initiation stage. Having decided that the Calendar project is a relatively simple project, the Project Manager combined the Starting Up a Project process and the Initiating a Project process. No Project Brief has been produced. Instead the Project Manager used the project mandate to produce a simple Project Initiation Documentation (PlO). The PlO includes the Business Case, a product checklist and several Product Descriptions, Including the Project Product Description. Short sections are also included for each of the strategies and the controls to be applied. The Project Manager has elected to use the Daily Log to record all risks, issues, lessons and quality results.
After the initiation stage there will be two further stages during which a small number of Work Packages will be authorized. While these are being managed, the Project Manager will hold regular checkpoints, which will support the production of weekly Highlight Reports to the Project Board.
This question provides a number of changes which may or may not be required to the Extract from the Communication Management Strategy provided in the additional information.
Which statement applies to the Communication procedure section?

  • A. Amend entry 2 to include MNO Manufacturing Company standards for both internal and external company communications.
  • B. No change to entry 2 because this is a sufficient description of the process required.
  • C. Delete entry 2 because only variations from the MNO Manufacturing Company standards should be recorded here.

Answer: A


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