Southwest Airlines is one of the world's largest low-priced carriers. It came into being as it envisioned every member of the society flying high. Since its inception, the airline has focused and worked hard to do right by the reason for its existence. It offers award-winning customer service to its guests with Southwest airlines reservations, whether its on-ground or on-board.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been extremely difficult. And for a vast portion of the world, it has made people yearn for any ray of hope, or some reason to just feel happiness. Southwest airlines' primary purpose is valuing people and treating everyone equally, they proved that the organization also cares for people who aren't their guests. Let's see what initiative was put in place.


Southwest felt it's their responsibility to ring some bells and spread some joy to some residents who suffered not just from the upshot of the pandemic but also from seasonal and financial discomfort. As a part of the airline's CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)initiative, they returned their gratitude to the people by adopting more than 180 residents for the holiday season in Nashville. The airline stands with their priority- valuing every individual, and not just people with Southwest airlines reservations.


Residents appreciated this and handed out their wishlist. Most of them simply wanted cosy essential items to keep them warm from the winter chills, and others just wanted household items (toiletries, grocery, etc.). So here's what they did to make this a success and what they got back:

  • They asked their employees to volunteer and adopt one resident each, from an independent living facility, who needed certain items in the 2020 adversity.
  • The volunteer employees asked for the resident's permissions and adopted them.
  • Team BNA (Nashville), then created a "Wish List Tree" and kept items from the resident's wishes with each of their names.
  • Chick-Fil-A also contributed to the initiative by donating meals for the residents.
  • They brought happiness and received tons of cards filled with overwhelming gratitude.


Southwest airlines reservations aren't important to be a part of their life-altering idea of flight affordability. They seem to know that being part of a community isn't just about being in one place. It is valuing every member and treating them with respect. After all, you don't have to put in a vast amount of efforts to make someone smile. And everyone is worthy of happiness during the holiday season. With this, Southwest airlines successfully added sparkles to the resident's lives with their elves and high Christmas spirit.