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Why Take PMI Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification?

  • PMP certification is also widely accepted in the USA because it has been developed by many senior experts on how to manage tasks efficiently. If you have a fallback position on your career or want an entry point into this technological world then completing this course may be just what you need.
  • The PMI certifications are designed to further the understanding of project management concepts. The certification provides relevant, in-depth knowledge about the subject area. The certification also offers enhanced credibility when seeking employment opportunities and serves as a competitive advantage for acquiring other positions within the industry.
  • The PMI project management professional is a course that will provide students with skills in planning, organizing, leading, and controlling the completion of tasks.
  • PMP certificate is globally recognized as the leading credential for those who demonstrate substantial knowledge of project management and tools. Earning a certificate by getting prepared from PMP Dumps can help individuals advance their careers, increase their job opportunities, and gain access to rigorous project management training.

Levels of PMI PMP certification program

The PMI PMP certification program offers a list of four levels which are Certification, Associate, Certified Associate (the new name for Accredited Member), and at the end Professional.

Important Info: Target Audience and Requirements

To get the PMI PMP certification, you need to pass one exam that is designed for the professionals involved in project management. These individuals are the seasoned project managers who are usually responsible for all the aspects of project delivery, directing, and leading cross-functional teams.

There are certain formal prerequisites that one needs to meet to earn this certification. First of all, you should possess a high school diploma, Associate’s degree, or a global equivalent. In addition, you must have 5 or more years of unique and non-overlapping experience managing projects and attend project management training for 35 hours. Alternatively, the individuals need to have a Bachelor’s degree or a global equivalent as well as 3 years or more of unique and non-overlapping experience actively involved in professional project management. Additionally, the applicants must possess at least 35 hours or more of project management education. The third option implies that the candidates have a Bachelor’s degree or a Master's degree or its global equivalent. Also, they should have two or more years of experience managing projects as well as attend project management training for 35 hours.

To pass the PMI PMP exam, the students should demonstrate their knowledge and skills in defining the high-level space of the project depending on the business requirements; presenting the project plan to the main stakeholders for approval; achieving the project deliverables within a specified schedule and budget; communicating the status of the project to the key stakeholders; working with the customers and sponsors to obtain the final project deliverables.

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PMI Project Management Professional (2022 Version) Sample Questions (Q10-Q15):

All the following elements are organizational process asset updates, resulting from closing a project or phase EXCEPT______________

  • A. Project or phase closure documents
  • B. Historical information
  • C. Project files
  • D. Final product, service, or result transition

Answer: D

All the elements are outputs of the close project or phase processes, but the final product, service, or result transition is not part of the organizational process assets. It is an output on its own and involves the product that the project was created to produce.

_____ is a receipt issued by a carrier for merchandise to be delivered to a party at some destination.

  • A. Proforma invoice
  • B. Packing list
  • C. Bill of lading
  • D. Inspection certificate
  • E. None of the other alternatives apply .

Answer: C

Which is not input to Define Activities:

  • A. Product description
  • B. Constraints
  • C. Work breakdown structure
  • D. Assumptions

Answer: A

Define Activities - Inputs: Work breakdown structure , Constraints , Assumptions and Organizational Process Assets.

The run chart created during the Perform Quality Control process on a project is used to show the:

  • A. relationship between two variables
  • B. most common cause of problems in a process
  • C. data points plotted in the order in which they occur
  • D. frequency of occurrence

Answer: C

Schedule milestones and a predefined budget are examples of:

  • A. Project constraints.
  • B. Organizational process assets.
  • C. Requirements documentation.
  • D. Activity cost estimates.

Answer: A


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