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NACE Coating Inspector Level 1 Sample Questions (Q81-Q86):

To be of value the Inspector's documentation must be:

  • A. Always handwritten
  • B. Always typewritten
  • C. Timely, accurate and concise
  • D. Submitted before the end of the job

Answer: C

Prior to using Inspection Tools the inspector must:

  • A. Read the manufactures' instructions
  • B. Be trained on how to use the instrument
  • C. Ensure the instrument is within calibration parameters
  • D. a), b) & c)

Answer: D

You are the NACE Inspector on a job where ISO ST 3 has been specified. The Contractor normally works to SSPC standards and been referencing SSPC SP 3.
Could this have any impact on the final surface preparation appearance?

  • A. It depends on which hand tool the Contractor selects
  • B. No, because there is no real difference in the standards
  • C. It depends on which power tool the Contractor selects
  • D. Yes, because the 'two standards are not equivalent

Answer: B

When the joint NACE/SSPC abrasive blast cleaning standards are specified, the pictures in SSPC VIS 1 can be used as:

  • A. A method to grade surface profile
  • B. A final conflict resolution method
  • C. A general guide
  • D. Pass/fail criteria

Answer: C

The initial steel condition is important to the NACE Inspector because:

  • A. If the steel is pitted more coating will be required
  • B. The Inspector may have to reject the Steel
  • C. Less abrasive is need if the mill Scale s gone
  • D. It affects the final appearance after blasting

Answer: B


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