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  7. Technician Computer Networking/Security Field
  8. Entry Level Desktop Support Technician Computer Networking/Security Field
  9. Entry Level Network Technician Computer Networking/Security Field
  10. Help Desk Support Computer Networking/Security Field
  11. Computer Operator Computer Networking/Security Field
  12. Entry Level Systems Administrator/Computer Security System Administration - Computer Networking/Security Field
  13. Help Desk Technician (Entry Level) - Computer Networking/Security Field
  14. Desktop Engineer (Entry Level) - Computer Networking/Security Field
  15. Entry Level Technician /Computer Network Administrator-Computer Networking/Security Field. Digital Media, Disaster Recovery, and Telecommunications
  16. Training Specialist Computer Engineering-Field Operations

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Microsoft 365 Security Administration Sample Questions (Q71-Q76):

You need to ensure that administrators can publish a label that adds a footer to email messages and documents.
To complete this task, sign in to the Microsoft Office 365 portal.


See explanation below.
You need to configure a Sensitivity label.
* Go to the Security & Compliance Admin Center.
* Navigate to Classification > Sensitivity labels.
* Click on + Create a label to create a new label.
* Give the label a name and description then click Next.
* Leave the Encryption option as None and click Next.
* On the Content Marking page, tick the checkbox Add a footer.
* Click the Customize Text link and add the footer text and click Save (for the question, it doesn't matter what text you add).
* Click Next.
* Leave the Auto-labeling for Office apps off and click
* Click the Submit button to save your changes.
* The label is now ready to be published. Click the button to exit the page and create the label.

You have a Microsoft 365 subscription.
You create a retention label named Label1 as shown in the following exhibit.
You publish Label1 to SharePoint sites.
Use the drop-down menus to select the answer choice that completes each statement based on the information presented in the graphic.
NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.



You have a Microsoft 365 subscription that uses a default domain name of
Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) contains the users shown in the following table.
Microsoft Intune has two devices enrolled as shown in the following table:
Both devices have three apps named App1, App2, and App3 installed.
You create an app protection policy named ProtectionPolicy1 that has the following settings:
* Protected apps: App1
* Exempt apps: App2
* Windows Information Protection mode: Block
You apply ProtectionPolicy1 to Group1 and Group3. You exclude Group2 from ProtectionPolicy1.
For each of the following statements, select Yes if the statement is true. Otherwise, select No.
NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.



Your network contains an on-premises Active Directory domain named The domain contains the groups shown in the following table.
The domain is synced to a Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tenant that contains the groups shown in the following table.
You create an Azure Information Protection policy named Policy1.
You need to apply Policy1.
To which groups can you apply Policy1? To answer, select the appropriate options in the answer area.
NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.



Please wait while the virtual machine loads. Once loaded, you may proceed to the lab section. This may take a few minutes, and the wait time will not be deducted from your overall test time.
When the Next button is available, click it to access the lab section. In this section, you will perform a set of tasks in a live environment. While most functionality will be available to you as it would be in a live environment, some functionality (e.g., copy and paste, ability to navigate to external websites) will not be possible by design.
Scoring is based on the outcome of performing the tasks stated in the lab. In other words, it doesn't matter how you accomplish the task, if you successfully perform it, you will earn credit for that task.
Labs are not timed separately, and this exam may more than one lab that you must complete. You can use as much time as you would like to complete each lab. But, you should manage your time appropriately to ensure that you are able to complete the lab(s) and all other sections of the exam in the time provided.
Please note that once you submit your work by clicking the Next button within a lab, you will NOT be able to return to the lab.
Username and password
Use the following login credentials as needed:
To enter your username, place your cursor in the Sign in box and click on the username below.
To enter your password, place your cursor in the Enter password box and click on the password below.
Microsoft 365 Username:
[email protected]
Microsoft 365 Password:$p6un
If the Microsoft 365 portal does not load successfully in the browser, press CTRL-K to reload the portal in a new browser tab.
The following information is for technical support only:
Lab instance: 11122308
You need to prevent any email messages that contain data covered by the U.K. Data Protection Act from being sent to recipients outside of your organization, unless the messages are sent to an external domain named
To complete this task, sign in to the Microsoft 365 admin center.


1. After signing into the Microsoft 365 admin center, navigate to Compliance Management in the Exchange Admin center.
2. Click on "Data Loss Prevention" option.
3. To add a new custom DLP policy, Click on (+) plus button to get the context menu
4. Click on "New Custom DLP policy" option, a new window appears where you have to enter policy name, description, state and mode of the requirement details. Click on save button to create policy and continue...
5. You will be back to the "Data Loss Prevention" screen with newly added policy information.
6. Double click on the added row to open the policy details, click on rules option in left part of the screen as depicted
7. Click on (+) plus button to add a new rule. Select the "Block messages with sensitive information" rule.
8. On the following screen, we can add condition, action, exceptions, rule activation and deactivation dates
9. Click on "Select Sensitive information Types" to specify the sensitive information details.
10. Click on (+) plus button and add the following Sensitive information Types:
U. K. National Insurance Number (NINO
U. S. / U.K. Passport Number
11. Click on Ok
12. Add an exception for recipients in the domain
13. Add recipients for incident reports and click ok
14. Click save
15. Click save


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